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Welcome Dr. Neufeldt

Excerpt from CSUSM NewsCenter:

Neufeldt was speaking to a crowd of close to 700 students, faculty and staff in The Sports Center during an open forum Thursday that was an opportunity for her to introduce herself to the campus community and for the campus community to greet her and ask her questions. It was just one event in a packed two-day visit that saw Neufeldt meet with many CSUSM constituencies as the first steps in a listening tour that will continue after she officially begins her tenure this summer.
On April 11, 2019, our executive members went out to welcome Dr. Neufeldt, the new president of CSU San Marcos, at a campus-wide open forum. During the event, students were offered the opportunity to voice their comments and concerns for the future of the San Marcos community. Concerns for student safety, hospitality, growth, and connection were a few of the topics that were touched upon during the open forum. Our team brought up the greatest concern/issue for the artistic commun…

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