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Student Zine Project

This week, during our last club meeting, our team had decided to collaborate on a small booklet project, which are known as zines. Zines (short for magazine) are independently published/produced booklets, which contains the artist's work. They are typically printed on cheap paper material, so that they are cost-effect for reproducing.

Our team had chosen a title to go along our first issue: "Experiment". As the title suggests, the zine will include several works of our student artists that they think will fit the theme. This can mean works that they were/are experimenting with, such as a type of technique, medium, or idea.

If you are a current student at CSUSM. please consider submitting to our upcoming zine publication for this month and for the month of November. We are eager to showcase our students' works and connect with the rest of the campus through our voices!

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