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White Rose Memorial

Excerpt from the CSUSM News Center:
The public artwork features a white rose tree encased in steel bars with a ladle and a black steel bucket for water. Passersby are invited to water the plant. Over time, the metal bucket and ladle have rusted and corroded, and the memorial plaque is now almost illegible.

Excerpt from the Cougar Chronicle:
CSUSM remembers their commitment to liberty with a White Rose memorial on the north side of the Arts building. Since it was planted in 2003, the white rosebush encourages passersby to continue the White Rose legacy of solidarity. Students may water it from the bucket located at the base of the plaque.

- This week, a student artist, Sarah Bricke, in charge of the refurbishing process of the White Rose Memorial met with a contractor to get the best advice on what new materials should be used to replace the corroded metalwork of the memorial. The memorial is in much need of repair, which is why during the month of November, requests for donations were p…

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